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The goal of WSFCCA is to enhance and improve the quality of care provided to the children in Washington State.

The purpose of the Association is to educate, protect and give status to family child care providers. Through publications, meetings, training and networking, child care providers are kept informed of issues pertaining to child care. This Association is a means of bringing the concerns and voices of all providers together in order to share ideas, resources, and to problem solve. 

Each chapter reflects the diverse issues of the providers in that area. Check out our membership benefits and contact a chapter near you

History of Washington State Family Child Care Association
It is important to recognize and acknowledge that this association is an all volunteer organization of family child care providers dedicated to families and children. Many family child care provider members of this association commit long hours of volunteer time to maintaining this vital organization. You will see in this amazing history of our association, the dedication and commitment of time and energy as volunteers, exactly what providers have done for their profession. The evolvement and accomplishments of our profession are recognized here in this history.
Bylaws of Washington State Family Child Care Association 
The purpose of the WSFCCA shall be (1) to educate, advocate, support and give status to the family child care provider through existing educational facilities, publications, meetings and by cooperating with other organizations concerned with the development and good care of children, and (2) to coordinate the family child care providers in State of Washington: provided, that the WSFCCA shall not participate to any extent in a political campaign for or against any candidate for public office. 
Standing Rules of Washington State Family Child Care Association
1.) General meetings shall be held a minimum of four (4) times yearly.
2.) Annual dues shall be $20.00 for all memberships – Full or Associate.
3.) All cell phones and pagers shall be turned off or silenced.
4.) No meetings shall be recorded without permission.